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Grading for Equity Products & Services

Students need equitable grading in every classroom in every school. Review our offerings including book study, trainings, courses and consulting.

Grading for Equity Book Study

The Grading for Equity Book Study is a new program that provides a structured approach to collectively engage teachers and administrators (and even caregivers and students!) in meaningful discussions about the why, the what, and the how of equitable grading.

Virtual Summer Institute

This remote event will blend online and offline experiences so that participants have time and space to learn, reflect, pause, and engage meaningfully with the content and colleagues.

Grading for Equity Online Course

The Grading for Equity Online Course is a self-paced, interactive learning experience for teachers or individuals who are willing to critically examine traditional grading, build their understanding and awareness of equitable grading, and be dedicated to creating more equitable classrooms and schools!

Other Grading for Equity Services

Bring Equitable Grading to Your PLC, School, or District. We offer introduction workshops, keynotes, implementation strategies and more services.